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Technical advantages of food puffing machine

Now puffed food is very popular with people of all ages, puffed food to eat more, natural food puffing machine is widely used. So are you familiar with the technical advantages? Might as well share with you the technical advantage of food puffing machine.
1. Food puffing machine to further improve the taste and taste: coarse grain after puffing, coarse and hard tissue structure is damaged, can not see the kind of coarse grain, can not eat the taste of coarse grain, soft taste, taste improvement, delicious.
2. Cheap price: the application of indirect heating puffed machine, each kilogram of corn processing into puffed powder, the processing cost is about 6 points, that is to say, the price of each kilogram of puffed corn powder is 26 points.
3. Through food puffing mechanism made of food is convenient to eat: after puffing, coarse grain has become cooked food, can be directly washed with boiling water, or made into compressed food, or slightly processed can be made into a variety of food, simple to eat, save time.
4. High retention rate and digestibility of nutrients: how about the retention rate of nutrients in the puffing process, the retention rate and digestibility of nutrients in the puffing food are relatively high, which shows that the puffing process has no effect on the nutrition of food, and the digestibility is higher than that of unpuffing.
5. Puffed food is easy to store: food by puffed, equal to a high temperature sterilization, the moisture content of puffed powder is reduced to 10% below, so low water, limit the breeding of insects, mildew, strengthen their stability in storage, suitable for long-term storage, and suitable for making military food, improve its food quality.



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