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How should corn chip equipment be handled during idle period

Corn chip equipment, in some snack manufacturers there is very common, because now as a representative of snack corn chips, taste and nutrition to win the public love to make its consumption. So, how should corn chip equipment be handled during idle period? Some handling methods and considerations are as follows:
1, when the corn processing equipment is not used for a long time, the corn processing machinery should be wiped, oiled, and covered with a protective cover.
2, cornflake equipment oil pump and handle connection part, often add lubricating oil, reduce wear.
3. The pressure oil on the oil pump needs to be selected with the appropriate concentration of professional oil, and then filtered for use. Use vegetable oil, stop using gasoline, kerosene and other flammable oil.
4, the box should be kept clean, and replace the new oil, or take out the box after filtering, and then use, the impurities in the oil will make the oil pump wear, the formation of oil blockage, affect the working function of corn processing equipment
The above, is the corn chip equipment in idle period of processing some methods and matters needing attention. Hope to help you, my company is operating corn chip equipment, if you have questions related to this product welcome to consult.



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