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The main structural characteristics of pet feed equipment

With the increasing variety of pets, all kinds of pets have adult and young, the requirements for pet food are also increasing. According to this market demand, the research and development of a variety of models of pet feed equipment, pet feed equipment is mainly used for food puffing, livestock and poultry feed or puffing single raw material, can also be used as vegetable oil and drinking wine production raw material pre-place. This series of dry and wet extruder is suitable for large, medium and small feedlots, feed mills and food factories. The main structural characteristics are as follows:
1, novel model design, compact structure, high production efficiency.
2, reliable, durable, low failure rate, easy operation and maintenance.
3, simple and convenient to use, smooth transmission, low noise.
4, the main parts are made of special alloy materials after heat treatment, long service life, 3-4 times higher than the domestic similar machine, low cost of feed production.
5, dry puffing process, using self-heating method, without steam system, more in line with the actual needs of users.
6, screw design has a strong self-cleaning function, screw groove can be self-purification, so change formula and product varieties, no need to stop cleaning, screw has a strong pumping effect, material adhesion diffusion effect is strong, the speed of propulsion, product quality is relatively stable.
7, screw discharge nozzle adopts modular design, convenient adjustment.
The above is the introduction of the main structural characteristics of pet feed equipment, my company's pet feed equipment according to the different output, there are also a variety of configurations. By adjusting the raw material, temperature, moisture and other process parameters, the product has the characteristics of novel shape, unique taste, rich nutrition, delicate organization, suitable for different pet taste. This production line is widely used in dog, cat, fish, shrimp, fox, bird and all kinds of pet feed production, it is an ideal choice for different manufacturers.



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